"Di-Li-Do" by AK☉KA


Di-Li-Do is an IDEAL GAME TO PLAY ALONE. After your eyes are tired from any computer / mobilephone / TV / smartphone etc - screen - it is great to spend time playing  just with a piece of paper, pencil and 2 (d6) dice. Also you can organize a tournament for any ammount of players and for any ammount of time. To start you need to download a score sheet and it is the score sheet for one player.

Rules of the game

Goal of the game: To get as much as possible points.

To get points you must make as many continuous Lines as possible with Dots along the vertical, horizontally and diagonally. The more Dots in the line, the more points you get. You must have at least 3 Dots in a Line to get any points. First it looks like a very simple game but more you play more hints and tactics you will find.


ROLL DICE and you get two numbers from two ordinary 6-sided dice. The numbers on the Dice are the coordinates where you need to put a Dot on a gaming board.


If the coordinates are occupied and the player cannot place a Dot, then he receives a penalty point (draw a cross in the low left of the gaming board). Each GAME lasts up to 3 penalty points. After getting the third penalty point - GAME ends – start to count the lines.


EXCLUSION IS FOR ALL DOUBLES - 1:1, 2:2, 3:3, 4:4, 5:5, 6:6 - when they are repeated, the player does not receive a penalty point and again makes a Dice Roll or can use the Joker (to the neighbors of repeated double) if it is available.

The Joker can be used after placing a Dot OR if a double was repeated (Joker could be placed on the neighbors of repeated double).

Joker Dot could be placed on any non-occupied nearest neighbor cell – to the square were last Dot was placed.


In one GAME, after placing a Dot, you can use only one Joker.

Placed Joker Dot must be circled and J at the bottom of current Game screen must be circled or crossed off


Counting the score of each GAME

After getting the third penalty point – start to count the lines.

Every 6 dots line will give you 40 points

Every 5 dots line will give you 10 points

Every 4 dots line will give you 3 points

Every 3 dots line will give you 1 point

It is easy to count lines with maximum  Dots first and then smaller lines.

Another tip not to miss any lines is to start from horizontal lines (H), then go to vertical lines (V), then diagonal in one direction (D1) and then diagonal in other direction (D2). More dotes you’ve got - harder to count. And of course, try NOT to use calculator – it is easy and a good practice for all ages 😊









The SET (score list) has 16 GAMES. The RESULT of the SET is 12 best GAME scores – now a calculator could be used 😊

The RECORD of the SET – it is the highest score of the GAME in this SET. Please don’t cheat 😊 – even to yourself 😊


If you read so far, please answer on a few simple questions:

- What is the maximum amount of points in one game?

- How many dice rolls are in the shortest game?


Your feedback is appreciated!

Enjoy Di-Li-Do!