"TOP 3" by AK☉KA

It is a simple game to score as much as possible points by rolling the dice. It is a game of luck and tactic. You can play it alone or with friends. You can download a score sheet for 2 players. But it’s also up to you if you want to do it different way and add the scores in the way you use to do it in any other game.

Rules of the game

Basic game is played with 5 (d6) regular dice.

Determine a starting player by rolling 1-2 dice.


How to play:

  • On first roll every player must roll all 5 dice and keep the dice with the lowest number of dots (points)

  • Every roll player can keep only 1 dice and this dice should be higher than the previous dice that was left

  • If there are NO dice higher than the dice that was left before – attempt stops - stop rolling dice and count the score.

  • There could be maximum 5 rolls in attempt – that means every roll there was a higher dice left – for example:  1 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6

  • First dice will give 1 point if it will be the only dice player could keep (doesn’t matter how many dots are there on it)

  • If player could keep 2 dice it gives him 2 points - doesn’t matter how many dots are there on the dice

  • If player kept 3 dice – he gets the same amount of points that has the third dice

  • If player kept 4 dice his points are the sum of 3rd and 4th dice

  • If player kept 5 dice his points are the sum of 3rd, 4th and 5th dice


Players can decide to play till certain number of attempts or till certain amount of points. We prefer to play games of 5 attempts and get sub total of games won.



After you get familiar with 5 dice you can add another 1 (d6) regular dice but different color from other 5 . This dice will be a JOKER.

How to use a Joker:

  • Joker dice is rolled only once at first roll (with other 5 dice) of the attempt

  • The value of the Joker - is the value that it was rolled (it is not changing during 1 attempt)

  • During the attempt player can use the Joker only ones

  • Joker can replace any dice that was just rolled

  • The replaced dice is no longer could be used in current attempt

  • If player used a Joker dice he will get 1 point less in score of current attempt


Example 1:


Example 2:


If you got so far 😊 – please answer what is the maximum amount of points in 1 attempt? And what is the minimum?

Don't hesitate to write your questions 😊