"DiCroNo" by AK☉KA


This game is a variation of Tic-Tac-Toe / Noughts and crosses / Xs and Os

To play it you need 2 d6 normal dice, 2 pens/pencils and PNP score sheet. You can write us - to get it.

Rules of the game


DiCroNo game is played on a grid that's 6 squares by 6 squares.

Before the start players throw a dice to find out who starts first and who will be the X symbol - there other player will be O symbol.

Players in turns roll 2 dice. The numbers on the dice are the coordinates where players need to place their symbol (X/O) on the gaming board.


Players take turns putting their symbols in empty squares. If coordinates are occupied – player receives a penalty point.


The game lasts until one of the players:

- built a minimum of THREE of his symbols in a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)


- scored 3 penalty points.


BUT if the player who started first reached one of these criteria - the player who started this game second should make one more dice roll.


If one of the criteria is reached by a player who started this game second – then points should be counted and new game started.

!!! The GAME ends when the players have made the same number of dice rolls!!!


NEW game is started by the player who lost the previous game. If it was a draw - then NEW game is started by the same player that started the draw game.


If the game ended up in a situation when one player lost with 3 penalty points – he starts the next – NEW game.


Players receive points for the number of symbols in a line:

3 in a line = 1 point

4 in a line = 2 points

5 in a line = 3 points


3 penalty points = minus 1 point - only if player had some points – personal score can’t be below zero – if player had zero – zero remain.


If the played ended up with a few lines - with more than 3 symbols in a line – every line is counted.


Example 1:

If the first player had THREE of his symbols in a line Then the second player must roll the dice. If he also lined up his three pieces in a line, then the score is 1: 1.

Next game is started by X player.


Example 2:

Below is an exaple of first 3 games in a set

1st game

X player won – last roll 3:4 – got 2 lines with 3 Xs and one line with 4 Xs in total of 4 points for this game.

To complete the game O player rolled 4:4 and received 3rd penalty point – because it was 1st game and he had 0 point – nothing was deducted.

O player starts the second game


2nd game

0 player rolled 1:4 and got 1 line with 3 Zeros – 1 point

To complete the game X player rolled 3:3 (he had an X there before) and received 3rd penalty point. That means minus 1 point from his score (4-1). He gets a sub total with 3 points.

X player starts the third game


3rd game

O player rolled 3:4 and won with 3 Zeros in a line – 1 point.

He got the sub total of 2 points.

X player starts the next game-because he lost this game.


If you got so far 😊 please answer a question:

How much MAXIMUM points can get a player in a single game?