"NO SIX" or "NO ONE"

It is an easy small game for all ages. This is a great game for kids to quickly learn how to add simple numbers.

Rules of the game

- Each player takes turns to roll ONE regular (d6) dice.

- The number comes up is recorded.

- Each time the dice is rolled, that number must be added to the previous number/amount.

- If a 6 is rolled – the score of current attempt is “busted” down to 0 – next player starts his new attempt

- It is up to the player to stop rolling the dice in his attempt and record the score.

- Player with the higher total score startes the new attempt -others roll in turns clockwise

Start to play with 3-5 attempts for each player.


For those who is familiar with maths you can play this game as "NO ONE" - when the score of current attempt is “busted” down to 0 - if a player rolls a 1 - one.

You can decide how many attempts players play.